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Collaborating with filmmakers around the world, completing work quickly and under pressure is essential and Charlie is often trusted to compose last minute scores or add to existing soundtracks.

His recent output varies from internationally distributed feature films, award-winning short films and critically acclaimed documentaries.

See below for previous examples of Charlie's work or get in touch via the contact form for any other enquiries.

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Charlie started scoring films aged 17. He started his career scoring micro-budget independent films and contributing tracks to larger productions. This experience, in addition to a diverse musical education, has led to Charlie being well-known for his versatility and high work rate.

An established multi-instrumentalist specialising in woodwind and percussion, Charlie has performed in a variety of ensembles from orchestras, wind ensembles and brass bands to folk groups and contemporary bands. This, combined with a large collection of virtual instruments and electronic sounds means everything from sweeping orchestral scores to textural, synth-infused tracks can be completed to the highest quality.


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